InterScope Security, Inc. (ISI) offers its clients security consultations for the changing times.  For those individuals that are serious about safety and peace of mind when traveling or conducting business, ISI can tailor a plan to your needs.  Before you or your valued clients are victimized, call for an analysis of your business or travel activities.  Safety is a number one priority and being prepared is our job.
InterScope Security, Inc. provides event security personnel for your business activities and concerts.  Based on an analysis of your business function, the number of protection specialists would be determined for the detail.  Protection of your door receipts and prevention/intervention of any disturbance will be addressed immediately based on excellent communications between specialists and sound tactical maneuvers.  Logistic Planning offers you the ability to plan and implement a successful event repeatedly.  Also, logistical planning involves analyzing the function site, floor plan and preparing a detail time schedule and security plan for transporting and collecting revenues and dealing with a threat assessment.
InterScope Security, Inc. has protected high profile entertainers, politicians, business executives, government officials and V.I.P.'s.