InterScope Security, Inc. has provided  its services to many well known individuals, events and businesses in the Virgin Islands and abroad.

Click on the linked entries to get a sampling of the close protection we provided.

Picture Key

InterScope Agent


Ramon S. Davila, VI Police Commissioner
Denyse Graves, Entertainer
Sinbad, Entertainer
Halle Berry, Actress
Eric Benet, Entertainer
David Palmer, Jr., Entrepeneur
Ernest Thomas, Actor
Bern Nadette Stanis, Actress
Johnny Cochran, Lawyer

Sinbad's Soul Music Festival
Sholine After-Dark Boxing
"Whatever Happened To Black Love" Theater Performance
MTV Music Awards

Birch Forum Group
Club Ryno Companies
The Old Mill Bar, Restaurant & Nite Club
Mandahl Market
Tommy Hilfiger Store
Lockhart Companies
Big Kahuna Bar & Restaurant
Fadaway Apparels